Home Crafts

a house becomes a home when the homeowner adds those special touches that say “welcome to MY home“…whether it be a favorite picture, a comfy couch, some candles or twinkle lights,  we all add those little things that bring a smile or warm memory to our hearts! and who doesn’t love to hear “your home is so warm and inviting!”   here atthe cluttered craft roomwe specialize in making  handcrafted, handpainted items that bring a coziness and homespun feeling to any room in your home! some of our items can also be personalized . we hope you will find that something special here on our pages that makes your home your own.  or…the home of a friend or family member!

Also your garden, all gardens need that little something extra, something that makes you want to come outdoors and stroll a bit. whether it be a structural change or material like replacing vinyl siding that offers interested individuals a wide range of options when it comes to the result for porsche vinyl siding  or special whimsical item, or  a little something that compliments the flowers in your garden, it’s a little touch of  “you” that makes the garden your own! we hope that while strolling though our pages, you will find that “this is so me” item to compliment all the hard work you have already put in working with your flowers. enjoy your visit and thank you for stopping by the cluttered craft room!